Tuesday, 3 May 2011

San Francisco!

So the last weekend in LA, we took a trip to San Fransisco with our friend Ryan!
He drives every weekend to see his brother, and we were invited to stay with our friends Brian and Sheli in their apartment. So we took the 6 hour drive with Ryan through the farmland of California and into the city of San Fran. We arrived late Friday night so we just slept and got ready for the next day!
Saturday morning we woke up early and took a trip with Brian to THE HOUSE OF AIR!

The House of Air is a warehouse full of trampolines and we were invited by the owners because they wanted Brian and George to do some flips for them! Unfortunately, five minutes in, George attempted a double back flip with a side twist thingy (a move he basically invented on the spot and had never tried before...) and landed smack bang on the top of his head. It was caught of camera, and watching it back was horrific! His head bent backwards and his neck has been very stiff all week. Don't worry Sue and Tim, he's totally fine! We've been given lots of advice from Team Tempest about neck injuries and we're pretty sure he's just cricked his neck very badly.

Anyway, I had a great time! haha!

The rest of the day, George iced his neck and we walked through San Fran. We saw the craziest road ever:

And we chilled out on North Beach where all the docks are and we could see Alcatraz in the distance!
We looked into getting a boat over to the prison and this is one of the best stories ever told so listen carefully.....

We walked to Pier 33 where the ferry takes tourists to the island and asked about getting a tour for Sunday. We were told that they were completely booked until Monday at 4pm. That really made me sad because I was really excited about finding out about all the history the prison had to offer. So we went to the waters edge and looked at the photos of the old inmates and I got more and more inspired and excited and more sad that I couldn't get over there. Then a security guard shouted over to us that we were in a "restricted area!!" and we told him we were just looking at the photos, and he said we should go to the island to see the photos and we said we couldn't get over there and he gave us some really cool advice! he took us to one side and said... "I shouldn't be telling you this, but you look like such nice people and so in love, so I will. Every morning at 8am, the ticket booth give out 20 more tickets for the 9.10 ferry out to Alcatraz so if I were you, I'd get there at 7.30 and you'd get a ticket for sure." We were so excited and so grateful for his help! So we set the alarm for 6.30 and I got up straight away, but George couldn't because he's a lazy arse! So ended up leaving the flat at 7.30 and getting to the ticket booth nearer 8. When we arrived, we were 25th in line for tickets! I was so nervous that we wouldn't get one, but then we saw people leaving the cue and realised we were then 18th in line for tickets!! As we nearer the booth, I was getting more and more excited as I was finally going to be able to see this historical landmark up close. We were two people away from the booth when the ticket lady said they had sold out all the tickets for that morning! I couldn't believe it! I was so gutted I cried! We went around the corner and George comforted me and we made a plan. We either go back to the booth ans double check they can't fit two more people on the ferry, or we go back to the house and decide what else we could do with the day. I said lets double check, we'll regret it if we don't. So we went back to the ticket booth and as we walked around the corner, a man aproached George and asked if he would be interested in buying two tickets to Alcatraz off him! It so happened that this man and his wife were part of a tourist party and they were leaving earlier than expected so they couldn't take the trip and wanted to sell the tickets at face value. I couldn't believe our luck! Not only did we have to opotunity to see Alcatraz, but included in these tickets was a trip to Angel Island which was San Francisco's version of Elis Island. So we bought the tickets from them and had a brilliant day on Angel and Alcatraz island! Here are some photos:

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