Monday, 23 May 2011

New York City - Week 2

Hi Everyone!

We've had another busy week in NYC making the most of our New York Passes, a thing we bought that gets you free entry into all the touristy stuff! Below are the highlights:

We went to see Pompeii : The Exhibition at The Discovery Centre in Times Square. It was so interesting to see the variety of artifacts that had been encased in ash and perfectly preserved in time.

Also at The Discovery Centre was a Harry Potter museum featuring all the props that were used in the film, so we thought we'd have a look. Sadly we couldn't take pics at either of these!

Carrying on with the Harry Potter theme, we went to see a Broadway show starring Daniel Radcliffe himself!!! The show was a musical comedy called 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying' and was about a young man named J Pierpont Finch (Daniel Radcliffe) climbing his was up the corporate ladder using more whit and cunning than hard work. It was hilarious and the songs were actually pretty catchy! Afterwards there was a big crowd of fans waiting outside the stage door in the rain, so we'd joined in and saw all the stars scurrying out into there blacked out cars!

The Museum of Modern Art was next, with 6 floors worth of art ranging from painting and sculpture to film and photography. The photography was mostly very good and we liked some of the paintings we saw, but we were frustrated by a lot of the exhibits because they were so abstract and it seemed that they were only considered to be "good" art because of the famous name attached to them. Perhaps we're not old enough to appreciate it yet or maybe it just wasn't to our taste. That said we had a great time and had a really tasty meal at the italian cafe and bought some nice souvenirs from the design store!

Another highlight was hiring bicycles from Bike and Roll NYC in Battery Park and cycling over the Brooklyn Bridge.

We locked up the bikes and had a nice mosey round Brooklyn, stopping to sit on the waters edge and look back at the Manhattan skyline. We then cycled back over the bridge, where we stopped to take this photo!

Cycling back into Manhattan, we swerved in amongst the crazy traffic and made our way to Wall Street to see the New York Stock Exchange:

Esme, as a World War 2 history lover, was thrilled!

Carrying on we pedalled our way all the way from east to west to Chelsea Piers to try our hand at the batting cages!

We weren't great, it's harder than you think to hit the ball when it's flying past at 60mph!

On the theme of things travelling fast, we went on a speed boat sightseeing cruise to the statue of liberty called The Beast!!!

The boat bounced over the waves of the hudson river at 40mph before pulling up at the statue for a photo opp:

That evening the sky was really clear so we went up to the Top of the Rock in the hopes of getting a better view than the top of the empire state. The view was incredible and we stayed up to watch the sunset and all the lights from the skyscrapers begin to turn on.

It's been an amazing week, but as the end of our trip grows ever closer we're starting to wish this trip would never end! :( 

Hope you're all well and keep checking for our last post of the trip!
Esme and George xxx

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